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Wasps are usually a late summer problem. This is when wasp control is mostly needed. In this season many people get stung by wasps, and in some cases that can be very dangerous, even fatal. Wasps are active from spring, when they start building their nests. Wasp nests can contain over 30, 000 wasps at the end of the summer.

The nest building is started by the Queen wasps who come out of hibernation in the early spring. She lays eggs and the first Workers appear just a few weeks after. While the Workers build the nest through the summer, the Queen continues to lay eggs. Both fertile and sterile wasps are born. At autumn time the sterile wasps mate, while the workers begin to die. The queen will leave the nest in late autumn and hibernates over the winter. A wasp nest is then abandoned. It will not be used again.

A wasp nest is built from chewed wood mixed with their saliva. The nest is built in a cell shaped structure.

Lofts or embankments are common places for wasps’ nest. These places can be treated easily by destroying the nest or applying insecticide.

The long term solution for commercial premises to a wasp problem is protecting your work environment with screens on windows and doors.

Electric Wasp Killers

Electric fly killers are also very efficient in controlling wasps, Enviropest have a wide range of suitable fly and wasp electric killers.

Wasp traps located around strategic places of a perimeter of a premise can reduce the number of wasps entering the building.

Maintaining good housekeeping and maintenance will help reduce your wasp and bird problems.

Immediate Action Against Wasps

If you have a wasp nest or suspect that you have one in your house or property please call Enviropest on 0121 693 6616 for expert pest control assistance.