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Rat Infestations

In the last few years the UK has seen a significant increase in the Brown Rat population. Birmingham and the Midlands are no exception to this increase, and this can be attributed to the following factors:

  • An increase in fast food outlets and people depositing their rubbish in an untidy manner
  • Milder winters, which have resulted in a reduced mortality rate
  • Wetter weather resulting in flash flooding, which, in turn, flushes rats out from underground burrows

This has resulted in an increase in rat infestations in both commercial and residential properties.

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Rat Reproductive Facts

Rats are prolific breeders, they have a gestation period of 3 weeks and will often have between 3-7 litters per year, an average litter size can vary between 6 to 8 youngsters. A young rat will become sexually mature from 9 weeks from birth.

Diseases Carried by Rats

The most famous disease carried by rats was the plague, which decimated London and was associated with the Black Rat, today this disease is not a problem in the UK. However there are three main diseases associated with rat infestations found in the UK: –

  • Salmonella (food poisoning)
  • Weils disease (also known as Leptospirosis) and
  • Trichinosis

All these diseases can be fatal in severe cases.

For Rapid Rat Removal Results

If you suspect that you have a rat problem then please call now. Rats breed rapidly and if you see one rat it will almost certainly mean that there are more rats close by.

Thankfully Enviropest are experts at tackling rat problems effectively.

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