Pest Information:
Food Insects

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Stored Products Insects

Stored product insects include:

  • Grain Weevils
  • Grain Beetles
  • Flour Beetles
  • Spider Beetles
  • Biscuit Beetles
  • Larder Beetles

Stored Product Insects (SPI) are specific insects which attack edible foodstuffs, ranging from grain, flour, rice etc.

Many of the infestations of these insects are associated with poor housekeeping issues. Due to the expanse of global trade most food insects have a wide distribution throughout the world.

Stored Product Insects will cause huge monetary losses in damaged food products, so it is important that early diagnosis of any such activity is identified quickly.

Biscuit Beetle

A commonly found insect which infests many food commodities such as grain, spices, biscuits, flour. The larva is capable of boring into very hard ingredients. The adults will sometimes fly.

This insect has been confused with the Furniture beetle which is a woodworm pest because of their similarity. They can be recognized by the furniture beetle having a greater humped thorax.

Larder Beetle

An insect which is normally associated with poor housekeeping and indifferent hygiene standards. A common pest of kitchens which feeds on a variety of animal proteins.

The adults will often fly and will sometimes hibernate in unheated premises.

Grain Weevil

This insect is easily recognizable by it’s snout or to give it the correct name the rostrum. As the name suggests this insect is a major pest of grain, the larva is not easily seen at it is hidden within the grain. The adult cannot fly and is quite capable of surviving our winters.

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