Pest Information:

Flies come in numbers, and can infest a property at any time of year. If you're interested in hearing more about our services, get in touch today!

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Prevention is the best form of attack with flies, and Enviropest has a range of options to help exclude the pests from your premises.

Whilst flies are normally associated with warmer weather, they can be a problem throughout the year if they are in a warm environment. Because they can spread a wide range of unpleasant diseases they must be tackled without delay. Enviropest have the experience and track record of helping customers to successfully control fly problems. Please do not hesitate to call in one of our experts to help deal with any problem you may have.

Pest Exclusion

Enviropest offer a full range of pest screens, from lightweight screens for kitchens and conservatories through to heavy duty doors more suited to industrial applications.

All our screens are fitted with fibre glass mesh as standard but can be upgraded to aluminium or stainless steel meshes if required. We also supply chain curtains and mesh curtains.

Fly Unit Range – to back up your exclusion protection

Effective insect treatment is essential in places where food is to be prepared. Keeping pests away from these areas is a full time job and Enviropest can supply the tools to keep flying pests at bay.

Our insect control systems are completely safe, economical and employ no harmful chemicals or pesticides.

They are built and approved to the highest of international standards

On-Site Pest Survey

An on-site survey by one of our inspectors will determine which options will best suit your needs. Please telephone 0121 693 6616 to arrange a survey.