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Cockroaches can quickly overrun your building, and frequently carry disease. Don't take any risks, and contact Enviropest today.

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Cockroaches can be a problem in premises used for preparing food and also larger public buildings, and blocks of flats.

Typically nocturnal, their numbers can be great; if you suspect a problem in a larger building this is the time to call in professional help. Cockroaches are potential carriers of serious diseases.

Once a building has a cockroach problem only a concerted action programme will eradicate the infestation. Enviropest have the expertise to develop a plan for controlling and eradicating the problem. The first step is a thorough survey to establish the extent of the problem before action is taken. Cockroaches typically live for around 8 months and the females will produce many eggs during their lifetime – without professional treatment the problem will not go away on it own.

German Cockroach

The German Cockroach typically prefers warmer humid buildings. The females lay many eggs which quickly reach maturity and of course those females then go on to lay many more eggs so causing the situation to quickly escalate.

Oriental Cockroaches

Typically prefer a cooler environment to the German Cockroach such as basements and drains.

Whilst the Oriental Cockroach is slower to reproduce than the German Cockroach it nevertheless needs keeping under close control.

Cockroaches present a serious risk to public health, please call 0121 693 6616 for assistance.