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Plenty of birds have the potential to cause trouble, and that's why Enviropest know how to ward them off.

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Bird problems can cause stress to you and damages to your premises. Pigeons are a huge pest problem across the West Midlands, and whilst shooting them might provide some short-term relief, it is not a long-term solution. Effective bird control is essential or within days of a cull more pigeons will be back.

Pigeons often carry more pests and diseases than any other pests, their droppings cause damage to the fabric of buildings, are unsightly, and a potential accident hazard to humans. However, there is no need to tolerate the problems they cause.

Enviropest have a huge amount of experience in delivering an effective long-term pest control solution to this problem which starts with denying the birds a place to perch by placing spikes on likely settling points.

There may be other areas which need protecting and where spikes are not an appropriate solution, in such cases strong netting is very effective. Stopping the pigeons from roosting is a sure fire way of managing a pigeon pest problem. Seagulls were seeing their own reflections on the glass roof panels of the Birmingham International Conference Centre (ICC), this gave the impression there were other seagulls in their territory.

The seagulls were dropping pebbles onto the glass panels to attack the so called invaders, this level of activity created cracks in the glass causing thousands of pounds of damage. Enviropest were called in to net the complete glass roof, using ¾” net to avoid pebbles dropping through. This has been a huge success and has now reduced the costly expense of replacing broken glass panels.