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Black Garden Ant

If you have an ant problem in Birmingham, Kings Norton, Solihull, West Bromwich, Worcester, Wolverhampton, or anywhere else in the Midlands, you are on the right page. Ants can become a problem when the weather becomes warmer, they can even be a problem in winter in some locations because of central heating.

Left untreated in and around the home or commercial buildings the number of ants in a colony can increase rapidly.

A queen is mated once and has enough sperm in her body to continue laying eggs for several years, which is why ant infestations in homes occur in the same location year in year out.

Nests are found in soil, under paving slabs and in between cavity walls.

Black ants lay trails for other ants to follow and will therefore quickly infest food commodities.

A particular feature of the Black ant is a mating exodus from the nest called swarming. This takes place for a couple of weeks in late summer when fertile males and females swarm out of the nest to mate, the fertile ants have wings (normally referred to as flying ants) the males are the smaller ants and usually mate with the larger females in flight. The males die shortly after mating. It is this time of year that most properties experience a serious problem with ants.

It is beneficial to control ants at the first sighting of them before swarming takes place. Enviropest can tackle the problem at source and provide guidance to reduce the likelihood of a repeat infestation.

Pharaoh Ant

The pharaoh ant is rarely found outdoors in the UK because the climate is too cool but it can thrive in buildings and if you do suspect a problem immediate action is necessary. It is roughly half the size of the Black ant but provides a much greater risk to humans.

Because they live in buildings they are not affected by the seasons and can increase in numbers as central heating is switched on. Their preferred foods are proteins such as meat, blood, nuts, cheese and chocolate. They are capable of chewing through plastic packages, and so infecting items such as sterile dressings in hospitals.

Harmful organisms can be transmitted by the ants because they live in un-hygienic places.

Pharaoh ant queens have wings but unlike the Black ant they rarely fly, colonies expand by the queen taking a few workers and starting a new nest a short distance away.

Image of pharaoh ants crawling over a piece of fruit

A Pharaoh ant infestation requires professional help.

If you suspect a Pharaoh ant problem this is most definitely a time to request professional help. The nests are often difficult to track down and require a carefully formulated course of treatment to clear an infestation.

General insecticides do not work on Pharaoh ants, if used they fragment the nest and more nests develop.

The Enviropest team have a wealth of knowledge and experience to bring to tackling such problems and will create a clear action plan to get rid of your problem.

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