Commercial Pest Control

The requirements of commercial pest control are different to those in a residential building. Thankfully, we've got a huge amount of experience in both.

Experts in Commercial Pest Control

A business is just as likely to become infested with pests as a residential property is. In some ways, the number of people frequently entering and exiting the building makes it more likely, which is why it’s essential that commercial properties are properly protected.

Regardless of your business’ situation, it won’t be anything that we can’t deal with. We’ve been providing commercial pest control services in Birmingham and throughout the West Midlands for many years, and have come across a great number of different situations. Below, we’ve outlined some of the methods we use to counter your property’s uninvited guests.

Our Guarantees

Firstly, no one situation is the same when it comes to commercial pest control. The scale of the infestation, the species in question, and the type of business all play a part in informing our decision. The following points, however, are true for all of our commercial jobs:

  • We work to help prevent future infestations
  • We will cause minimal disruption
  • We always conduct a thorough examination before beginning work
Image of an Enviropest Control Services Ltd van, taken from the back

Why Enviropest?

Something that sets Enviropest apart from other local commercial pest control services is the longevity of our solutions. Every job we carry out includes future planning. That is to say, we’ll implement measures that will help prevent a similar infestation in the future. After all, it’s no good paying someone good money one month, only for the problem to persist throughout the year. Everything we do has you and your future fully in mind.


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