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Bird Problems in Birmingham, Wolverhampton & The Midlands

Whether at home or at your commercial premises, birds can cause a number of problems. As well as causing damage to the exterior of your building, birds can also pose a potential health hazard, which is why it is essential to invest in effective bird proofing when your property comes under attack from above. If you are facing bird problems in Birmingham, Wolverhampton, and across the Midlands, Enviropest can provide an affordable and effective bird proofing solution.

Enviropest have extensive experience of helping both domestic and commercial clients to enjoy safe, bird-free homes and premises, so if you are facing a problem with pigeons or other birds, we recommend that you contact our team first to see how we can help.

Effective Bird Control Services

If you are worried about pigeons or other birds causing damage to your property, contact us today to arrange a site survey from the local experts. Bird problems needn’t be an issue when you invest in our services.

Picture of a cherry picker in operation during bird proofing

Long-Term Bird Proofing Solutions

There are a number of bird control techniques that we can use to protect your property from birds on a long-term basis. Instead of a quick fix, which will only remove birds from your premises for a short time, we specialise in providing long-term solutions that are proven to work. From bird spikes to prevent roosting on window ledges or rooflines, to netting to defend your building against birds, we can effectively deter feathered pests from making themselves at home in your property.

We help clients throughout Birmingham, Wolverhampton, and the Midlands to keep their homes and commercial premises free of birds. Just give us a call on 0121 693 6616.


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