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A vacancy has occurred due to a member of staff relocating to Norfolk

The candidate should be either BPCA/RSPH Level 2 qualified.

Be able to work on their own or within a team, ideally experience in bird proofing is required but not essential.

Full PPE is supplied and company uniform together with a company vehicle are supplied.

Salary is dependent on experience, in addition attractive incentive bonus and good overtime rates form part of the salary package.

For more details please send your CV to or phone 0121 693 6616.


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Reports in the papers today state a  strain of ant Lasius neglectus is set to potentially be a hazard to houses as they like to nest in fuse and electric switchboards. These ants originated in Turkey and were first identified in the National Trust building Hidcote Manor.

In fact these species of ants were first noticed at Hidcote Mnaor in 2009, so old news I’m afraid folks, however if you do notice ants near sockets and electric switchboards be assured they can still be treated. These ants are similar in appearance to the common garden ant Lasius niger although a bit smaller. If you have any queries please contact us

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image imageStephen the Great Grey owl popped in to check the office staff were all working hard. Stephen’s mates do a great job sorting out pigeons and gulls. So if you are having problems call us as this could be a suitable alternative to netting/spiking.

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Our recent NPTA accreditation which will assure all our clients that Enviropest provide a service that is recognised by auditors, especially those in the food industry and larger high profile clients.

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I just wanted to send you an email to thank you for all your support and excellent work carried out by yourself. The BRC is a tough audit to get through and as always the pest control manual, layout and maps were thoroughly audited.
I am happy to report that the pest control did not raise a single non-conformance, and almost certainly got the impression that the auditor was extremely pleased that the contractor we have in place (Enviropest) is a professional company who supplies us with an excellent and thorough service.

Kerrie Carmichael
HBS Foods

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Enviropest are proud to announce for the second year running we will be sponsoring Wellington Cricket Club in Telford. Although the season is a few months away we wish Neil Simmonds and the rst of the team luck and good weather in their forthcoming fixture list.

Enviropest Board

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It’s not summer yet but watch this space for news of Enviropest sponsoring a cricket team. No it won’t be England, we can’t compete with Waitrose, more news soon.

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Winter appears to have arrived, and with the onset of colder weather comes the prospect of rodents using your home or business as a means of shelter. Rodents require three basic means of survival in cold weather, WARMTH, FOOD AND WATER. Your home or business can supply all three requirements.

If there is snow or frost outside look for tell tale signs such as tracks, if you have a hole or gap in your external wall which your little finger or pen can fit through, then a fully grown mouse can also fit through.

Signs to look for to prevent invasion of unwanted guests.

Recent chewed wood, cobwebs around a hole which have been disturbed, droppings (mice droppings are scattered whilst rats are grouped) look for damaged food or vanishing food (rats hoard food) noises in lofts, and obviously sightings of rodents are a dead give away.

For free advice on any problems call us on 0121 693 6616

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The directors of Enviropest wish all our clients a Happy New Year, and hope it is both a successful and a prosperous one for every one of you.

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pied piper 2 pied piper 1   pied piper 3

Enviropest went in search of the Pied Piper of Hamelin, and as can be seen Director Paul found him in the German city of Hamelin. Paul is now looking to issue all technicians with a pipe as an efficient means of controlling rats in a non-toxic manner.

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