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When Is It Time to Call Pest Control?

A picture of a mouse, one of the vermin commonly removed by pest control
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From cockroaches to rats, mice, moths, and more, your warm and food-filled house is an inviting prospect to a broad variety of unwelcome visitors. If you are concerned about potential pests and decide to ignore the problem or try to deal with it yourself, the long term consequences could be very costly. Most insurers won’t offer protection against damage from vermin or pests, therefore, the sooner that you pick up on signs of a pest infestation and accordingly consult a professional exterminator, the better chance you have to minimise lasting damage. Below, Enviropest Control Ltd have shared four warnings which indicate that you should be contacting a pest control expert:


One of the clear indications of a pest problem is the discovery of droppings or small patches of urine around the home. Excrement will come in varying sizes depending on the vermin in question; the droppings from larger vermin will be much easier to spot than those of smaller bugs. Caution should be taken upon the discovery of pest feces as it will carry harmful bacteria detrimental to the health of you and your family; call in pest control professionals to deal with this for you.

Noises and Smells

Due to their preference for nocturnal activity, night time is the most opportune part of the day to listen out for any scurrying or scratching sounds caused by vermin. Hearing these noises is one of the first warnings that you could have bugs inhabiting your wall cavities or rodents making your attic their home. Alongside these concerning noises you may also notice an unpleasant, musky odour permeating through your property. Try and locate the source of this smell and you will soon discover if you have pests nesting in a hidden corner of a room.


Pests and vermin will seek out undisturbed, harder to reach areas of a home where they can safely build their nests out of harm’s way, including the appealing spaces behind appliances, under furniture, and inside walls. Be on the lookout for pest-size refuges, which can be constructed from a wide variety of paper, plastic, and organic paraphernalia. These will soon tell you that you have some unwelcome visitors and need to get in touch with pest control as soon as possible.


Is your radio not working? Are small holes mysteriously appearing in food packaging left on the floor or counter? Have you noticed teeth marks appearing on your skirting boards? Pests love to chew and nibble through cables, wires, bin bags, even your walls and doors – basically anything with which they come into contact. There is a serious danger of permanent structural damage if this harmful activity is allowed to continue without professional pest control intervention, therefore don’t hesitate to take action upon any sightings of damage in your property.


If you have spotted any of these warning signs and are concerned about a possible infestation in your home, contact Enviropest Control Services Ltd today. Our knowledgeable pest control team is local to Solihull, Coventry, and Birmingham, and can eradicate your pest problem efficiently and cost-effectively. For more information give us a call on 0121 693 6616 or complete our online form.