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Important Rodent Control Tips for the Colder Months

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Summer may be commonly perceived as the prime time for pests, but as we head towards the colder temperatures of winter, rats and mice tend to seek the warm cover of indoors. When the weather turns cold, centrally heated homes and the odd scraps of food beckons. Because of this, we’ve compiled a list of rodent control tips for you to follow to help keep your home free from any unwanted lodgers.

We should stress immediately that dealing with rodents, once they’re in your home, is not to be taken lightly. If you’re in any way unsure of what to do, or whether or not you should consult the professionals, we advise you to contact Enviropest. You can call us on 0121 693 6616, or fill out an online contact form.

Do you have a rodent problem?

Firstly, it’s important to know what the signs of a rodent infestation are. Our rodent control page contains a list of tell-tale signs, but we’ll run through some of the clearest giveaways here too:
Teeth marks on recently gnawed wood etc
Scratching noises
Food damage
A specific rodent smell

You can read more about our services on our rodent control page, but we’re more than happy to offer a professional opinion if you’re in any doubt. Again, we would strongly advise you to consult us if you think there may be a chance you’ve got a problem.


Most of our rodent control tips are focused on prevention. For the domestic user there is a limited choice of rodenticides and methods which can be purchased for rodent control due to the potential health and safety risks involved. We therefore recommend professional control in controlling rodent activity, however here are some preventative measures you may wish to consider.

Keep all of your food in a secure, sealed place. Rodents will naturally be drawn to crumbs or exposed foods, so ensure that all of your storage units are completely secure. Remember, even the narrowest of access points is a potential opening for a small rodent (such as any hole or gap the size of your little finger). Grainy foods and fruits are the most attractive of food types for the pests, so pay particular attention to these.

As well as keeping your food secure, you should also ensure that there are no leaks. Rats in particular are drawn to water sources. Be sure to keep your rubbish contained, too, and ensure there isn’t any food waste or litter lying close to your property.

Look at the base of exterior doors; if there are gaps at the bottom of the door, fit some draught excluder strips or metal strips of bristle strip.

Enviropest Control Services Ltd

As we’ve said, if you’re in any doubt about whether you have a rodent infestation, we advise that you get in touch with us. Simply browsing our rodent control tips isn’t enough if you have an infestation. Not only will we deal with your current situation, we’ll also put measures in place to ensure that it doesn’t happen again.