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Brrrr it’s cold outside

Brrrr it’s cold outside
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Winter appears to have arrived, and with the onset of colder weather comes the prospect of rodents using your home or business as a means of shelter. Rodents require three basic means of survival in cold weather, WARMTH, FOOD AND WATER. Your home or business can supply all three requirements.

If there is snow or frost outside look for tell tale signs such as tracks, if you have a hole or gap in your external wall which your little finger or pen can fit through, then a fully grown mouse can also fit through.

Signs to look for to prevent invasion of unwanted guests.

Recent chewed wood, cobwebs around a hole which have been disturbed, droppings (mice droppings are scattered whilst rats are grouped) look for damaged food or vanishing food (rats hoard food) noises in lofts, and obviously sightings of rodents are a dead give away.

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