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Are Professional Services Best for House Clearances?

Old factory requiring house clearances services
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So, you’ve acquired a new commercial property and it has been left in an unforgiving and even hazardous state. Do you take a deep breath and try and deal with this yourself, or do you bring in professional help? The answer each and every time is to always consult with a professional house clearances company. Below, Enviropest Control Services Ltd considers why customers across Solihull, Birmingham, and Coventry should turn to the experts when it comes to house clearances.


A company such as Enviropest Control Services Ltd that specialises in hygiene services and house clearances will have accumulated a wealth of experience working in their industry. As a consequence, they will know the safest and most thorough procedures for cleaning out a building, removing pest droppings, and disposing of a large variety of waste. What’s more, they will be able to succinctly and effectively disinfect the premises, dealing with any pest control problems that may arise and implement concrete and lasting solutions to ensure that pests do not return.


It may be surprising and even horrifying to discover the kinds of items left behind in commercial properties, whether this is by the previous business or by an evicted tenant or squatter. As the new owner or developer, you do not want to start rummaging through stacks of rubbish to come across something as dangerous as needles or toxic waste. A house clearances expert will be properly clothed and equipped to be able to dispose of these kinds of times safely and securely; for example, the knowledgeable team here at Enviropest Control Services Ltd conduct a sharp sweep of the vicinity in order to remove any hazardous paraphernalia related to drug use.


Time is money and this is certainly no exception when it comes to house clearances. Many people who acquire large commercial spaces such as warehouses often underestimate just how overwhelming it can be to clean and clear the space ready for use once more. Bringing in a professional team to carry out the necessary clearances will ensure a rapid turnaround time, giving you the opportunity to focus on rebuilding the space, generating income, and re-letting the property, instead of spending many hours and resources trying to sort the problem by yourself.


Carrying out house clearances is no easy feat, especially when the skip is constantly being refilled many times over and, therefore, demands to be emptied several times a day. When you consider the back and forth trips to dispose of the waste and the resulting hassle and inconvenience this process causes, it makes much more sense to bring in an expert to deal with everything on your behalf. Simply inform the team about which items need removing from the building so that you can concentrate on the next stages of redecorating and refurbishing the space.


Depending on how long the premises has been unoccupied and the state in which it was left, there is a strong possibility that the building could be riddled with human or animal excrement, rotten food, and general dirt and grime. Some of this waste could be detrimental to your health if not dealt with properly, so why take the risk? Allow a knowledgeable team to handle the unpleasant situation and ensure that your structure is completely clean and hygienic, ready for reuse.


If you have commercial premises in Birmingham, Coventry or Solihull that are in need of professional help from a reliable house clearances team, speak with Enviropest Control Services Ltd today. We have worked with and come highly recommended by a wide variety of clients, so if you would like to find out more, don’t hesitate to give us a call on 0121 693 6616 or complete our online form.