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Advice on the Birmingham bin strike

Advice on the Birmingham bin strike
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With the ongoing bin strike, which may continue for some time, it is apparent not only from the increase in enquiries we are receiving but also from local news items that there is an increase in the numbers of vermin in the proximity of refuse.

There is likely to be even more pest activity, particularly rats as the bags of rubbish increase. What can you do to help alleviate the problem?

It may sound obvious but try to reduce the amount of food waste (rats and flies will readily breed and feed in decaying matter) If you have surplus food from meals freeze it for another day. If there is no alternative to discarding waste food, do not discard loose, pour bleach on the waste food and double bag the waste.

Only buy or cook food that you really need, any unwanted food product (not cooked) take to a food bank or charity organisation.

If rodents have gnawed through your plastic bags, clear up any waste that has spilled out of the bags and double bag the rubbish again.

Inspect the perimeter of your house and any out buildings and ensure it is proofed against rat ingress (wire mesh is best for blocking holes)

Don’t be tempted to buy rat poison and use in a unsafe manner externally, all non targeted species must be protected against rodenticide poisoning.

If you require any advice or help please contact us on 0121 693 6616